In a world full of suffering, we are called to shed light on our brothers and sisters in need of our help. With this calling in mind, Simplicity Boutique was created. I started Simplicity in 2017, but it had been a dream of mine for two decades. I am a Christian, wife, mother of three, world traveler, boutique owner, and an advocate for those in need!

After graduating high school, I studied Fashion at University of Delaware, lived abroad in Paris, graduated, worked for a few retailers and eventually went back for my Masters at Chestnut Hill College. As my family started to grow, I chose to stay home for 10 years raising my 3 littles...Jacob, Owen and Milaina, but God continued to work in my life as I began to volunteer at church, read books about the need around the world and also got involved with organizations such as Help One Now, Imagine Goods, Noonday and World Wide Village. God had more in store for me. I was always a compassionate person and had a heart for those in need and I began to feel truly called by God to make a difference around the world.

In 2016, I traveled to South Africa for an Advocacy trip. It was the first time I was exposed to extreme poverty outside of the states and it changed my life! We ended up building a school for Horn of Salvation in an area of South Africa. As we were standing on the ground where the school would be built, many local women who had made jewelry from recycled materials came to sell to us. God was continuing to plant the seed.

After that encounter, I began realizing that there are so many Artisans around the world with amazing talents, if they were only given an opportunity…the idea of a Give Back Boutique was born. The customer's purchase could help style a woman along with contributing to end extreme poverty by keeping families together through job creation.  

I saw a need to make a difference through purchases our society was already making. Every purchase counts and makes an impact in lives both domestically and internationally. I have continued to travel to meet artisans around the world. I also feel there is an importance of partnering with Artisans locally who hand make many items we carry in the store. We are all in this to make the world a better place. Together we can make a difference! Doing good can be simple. 

Thanks for hearing my heart,


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