Simplicity Boutique is a mission-driven boutique dedicated to offering Fair Trade lines that support sustainability to vulnerable people around the world. This means we strive to support brands that provide sustainable employment to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity or brands that give back in some way. 

The goal of Fair Trade is to help developing countries achieve better trading conditions and adopt sustainable processes. For a garment or a fabric to be Fair Trade Certified it must meet certain criteria in its production and trading costs. The production of the fabric must involve fair pay for workers, be harvested and produced sustainably and be given a fair trading price. This results in many Fair Trade products having a slightly higher price but the extra cost goes back to support the workers and countries of its origin. Please keep this in mind when shopping our merchandise! 

Our goal in this market is to empower people. Empower women to be proud in their own skin. Empower the developing world to be lifted out of the cycle of poverty. Empower consumers to shop wiser. Empower the world to do just a little more good. Basically, we feel that people are going to shop for themselves and others, so why not make a purchase you know is making a positive impact and empower those in your local community or people around the world. 

So how are we doing this? Every purchase made either supports an artisan coming out of human trafficking, a child whose family is making an income so they can stay together, pediatric cancer research or women empowerment, just to name a few. Visit our "Partnerships" page to learn more about the brands we support and what they stand for!  

Although our main goal is to support brands that offer sustainability to vulnerable people around the world, another one of our goals is to use Simplicity Boutique as a platform to spread the word about serious issues going on around us and the people working against them. We do this by creating our "Monthly Mission" which varies from local, domestic or international organizations. We partner with someone for the month and use Simplicity as their platform to spread the word about the amazing work they are doing. We feel blessed to partner with so many people making such a positive impact on their surrounding community.  

Thank you for purchasing for a purpose with us and supporting our mission!