The Story of Bill

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Too often the media only shares sad, hurtful, and scary stories on the news. For that reason, we decided to create a "Good Things Blog" to share happy, uplifting stories of people we have encountered, know, or that someone has shared with us. 

We have every day heroes…some we meet in an instant, others we have known forever but provide an extra act of kindness.  I believe it is our job to share these stories. 

My Aunt, Janet, went to a Pittsburgh Penguins game a few months ago with her sister and friend.  They had one extra ticket and instead of selling it before they went in, she went up to one of the homeless men sitting on the street corner with a sign and cup for donations and asked if he would like to come in to the game and get warm.  Janet ended up sitting at the Penguins game and talking to Bill, a homeless Iraq War Veteran who has made some poor choices.  They discussed what it was like to be homeless, the war and life in general.  It broke her heart with some of the things Bill shared, like the men who died in Iraq were the lucky ones because they didn’t have to live with the memories.  He also said the worst part about being Homeless is being Invisible.  A story like this makes us all think a little differently when we pass by those homeless men and women.  Something may tug on our heart strings but most of us don’t act upon it.  We commend Janet for taking a leap of Faith and offering such an act of Kindness.  God tells us to go and share the love of Jesus, that is exactly what Janet did that evening with Bill.

Today we challenge you to follow your gut, take the leap of faith, and show kindness.

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