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For the month of May all purchases will benefit an organization local to Penn township called The Father's Heart Ministries.

"The Father’s Heart Ministries, Inc. is committed to providing avenues of restoration and hope to those confused, lost, and broken; in order to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and desolation, and to revitalize both our local and surrounding communities by introducing them, through living examples, to a personal, ever-growing and unconditionally loving relationship with Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to making true and authentic help both available and accessible to broken individuals and families who are seeking reconciliation by providing a safe, nurturing, educational, and interactive environment for both men and women who desire to be liberated from any form of chemical dependency or life controlling issues. We facilitate an environment that is grounded in biblical principles and geared towards encouraging men seek and find their purpose in life and calling of God".

Read more about what they are doing to benefit their community and surrounding communities at:

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